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ZARBANG, one of the leading world percussion ensembles, is a collective of the finest percussionists from Iran and Afghanistan, formed in 1996 in Germany by Behnam Samani, with the aim of introducing Iranian percussion to international audiences and fusing its unique sound with instruments from other cultures.

Zarbang’s strength lies in its ability to create a new sound by fusing together instruments of various cultures while staying true to the essence and origin of each instrument. Zarbang's sound entails the use of vocalization, melody and various effects in the context of percussion. The repertoire of composed pieces and structured improvisations is dynamic, meditative and internal on one hand and ecstatic and trance inducing on the other with the latter drawing upon Sufi and ancient Iranian rhythms where the frame drum Daf plays a pivotal role in inducing trance states.

Zarbang have been invited to major festivals including the World Music Festival in Stockholm, Vorde Music Festival in Norway, twice at the Rhythm Sticks Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London, Villas de Verano in Madrid, Silk Road Festival in Hongkong, Sounds of Arabia in Abu Dhabi, Heng Chung Folk Festival (Taiwan) and others. Zarbang have toured annually in Europe since 1996, and in the US and worldwide from 2003, including Grand Performances in Los Angeles, or Carnegie Hall in New York. Moreover, Zarbang have performed and recorded at radio stations such as WDR Radio and Bayern Radio in Germany and on Belgian Radio in Brussels.